March 29, 2010

Obama Signs Health Care Overhaul Into Law

Last week, the day we had fought for for years finally came to pass – a real, comprehensive health care reform bill went from being a bill to a law. There were plenty of things about the bill to like and some things about the bill to dislike, but the important fact is that we’re now on a playing field to move forward with additional health care improvements for the American people unlike any we were on for years in the past.

Not only will this bill wind up extending benefits to millions of Americans and eventually mandate that all Americans have access to health care and health insurance, it contains tons of provisions that take effect immediately that Americans will come to take for granted in the coming years. We will – very shortly – come to the position where Americans will take the benefits they now have – significant improvements in our overall health care – for granted, and the same people who were in the streets shouting racist slurs at Congressmen will probably be the same folks benefiting the most from the expanded access to care and restrictions against pre-existing conditions. The “keep your government hands off my Medicare” crowd – of which they’re largely the same people anyway.

Regardless, this is a huge moment for all Americans, and a huge triumph for progressives and any American with the best interests of the American people at heart. The bill is now law, and even though right-wing crazies rushed to the courthouse to try and get the law overturned, and while tea party wingnuts are talking about repeal, the bill is law and the accomplishment has been made when everyone said that we couldn’t do it.

It’s indeed a proud day.

[ Obama Signs Health Care Overhaul Into Law ]
Source: TruthOut

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