July 12, 2010

The 24 Types of Libertarians

A little humor from Ampersand: Political Cartoons from Barry Deutsch, called The 24 Types of Libertarian.

It’s funny because it’s oh so true – just about every lib I’ve met can be easily pigeonholed into one of these categories, and they’re all just as nonsensical as the next. When I refer to “webertarians,” I’m usually referring to Atlas, with a smattering of Caveat Emptor and a dash of Selectively Frugal – I love Selectively Frugal.

Although I have special place in my heart for The Island – I think he’s the most common of them. Mix up The Island with Whitey and you have my favorites: the harbingers of White privilege.

I admit, I laughed – a lot. And then I spread it around for everyone to see, so now you get the benefit, too!

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