February 7, 2006

About Us

I have an opinion, and I’m not apologetic about it. That’s where the “not so humble” comes from. If there’s anything Not So Humble is about, it’s about sharing those opinions, and sharing the information that helps us get to them. I’m outspoken, and I have a lot to say. Not so Humble dot net a place to say those things, and not be the first bit apologetic about those opinions, those facts, and those truths, regardless of how harsh or opinionated or biased they may seem.

I kept reading the paper or watching the news or listening to the radio and wishing I could plaster the op-ed pages with opinions or found myself talking to the tv news or radio about what I was thinking, wishing I had the opportunity to say it to someone who might care. So here we are.

You’ll find my commentary emotional and empassioned, and not always completely logical, but informative. My opinions are raw but educated, and true to spirit, I’m not humble at all. I’m long-winded sometimes, and other times I’m short and concise and journalistic, usually depending on the subject matter. If I’m relating news, it’s just the facts-if I’m doing an editorial, it’s all opinions; and don’t worry…whatever I do, I’ll keep you amused.

Some people might be concerned or put off by my language. My venom, my vitrol. That’s their problem, and I’m not apologetic about that either. I contend that in many ways, it’s time to turn the venom and passion of the vocal right around on them by showing them, and the public, that there are progressives and liberals who are equally passionate about their causes and ideals as those on the right claim to be. Someone tried to play the language game on one of my articles, claiming that by calling a hatemonger a hatemonger I was using the same language and was no better than a man who has made racist, sexist, and downright bigoted statements in public and in the media; a pitiful attempt to misdirect and misinform readers and take the truth out of the argument and instead criticise the argument itself and how it’s made. Completely irrelevant, and utterly sad.

Not So Humble is a safe space for progressives and liberals to be angry, to be concerned, to share their feelings, their spite, their vitrol, their sadness, and their disgust at the conservative right and their attempts to mislead America and dominate the lives of her citizens. We’re passionate. We’re heated. We loved the “Dean Scream” and wish that more presidents showed as much passion for their beliefs. We’re here, and we’re not going anywhere. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of politics.

That’s not to say you can’t contribute too. Feel free to comment on the stories, share your opinions as well, and contribute to a discussion. The discussion, of course, is moderated, and unlike many sites on the web, not every comment is automatically approved. If you’re an idiot, your comment won’t appear. That being said, no trolling, spamming, or flaming please, it won’t be tolerated. Constructive and civil contributions, however, are more than welcome. Got a question? Shoot me an email: phoenix -at – notsohumble -dot- net.

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    Comment by Chris S — May 23, 2008 @ 3:10 pm

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