October 25, 2010

Another Reminder to Get Out the Vote

Like the video description at YouTube says: Seriously. Vote. Or else everybody loses.

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Headed to the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive? RideToRally.com Can Help You Get There

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Headed to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity/Rally to Keep Fear Alive in Washington DC over Halloween weekend? Of course you are – you’re a good progressive and you and a couple hundred thousand of your friends are headed downtown too!

But the question is how are you going to get there? Living in the Washington DC area, I strongly suggest that you consider taking the Metro, but if you live outside of the region and need a ride into the area, the folks over at RideToRally.com tipped me off to their service that can help you find someone who’s headed to the rally and willing to give a couple of good progressives a lift into the area.

If you have some space in a car and you’re headed to the rally, or if you live in the area and you’re willing to pick up some folks, you can head over to the site too and sign up to help people get to the event! Head over and take a look, and see how you can help/if you can find help.

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July 12, 2010

The 24 Types of Libertarians

A little humor from Ampersand: Political Cartoons from Barry Deutsch, called The 24 Types of Libertarian.

It’s funny because it’s oh so true – just about every lib I’ve met can be easily pigeonholed into one of these categories, and they’re all just as nonsensical as the next. When I refer to “webertarians,” I’m usually referring to Atlas, with a smattering of Caveat Emptor and a dash of Selectively Frugal – I love Selectively Frugal.

Although I have special place in my heart for The Island – I think he’s the most common of them. Mix up The Island with Whitey and you have my favorites: the harbingers of White privilege.

I admit, I laughed – a lot. And then I spread it around for everyone to see, so now you get the benefit, too!

January 26, 2010

Check out Not So Humble at AlterNet!

Alternet is clearly one of my most valued news sources, one that ripe with intelligent commentary, talented writers, and breaking stories and perspective from news agencies and sources around the Web.

That’s one reason I’m thrilled to be a part of the AlterNet community, and am hosting Not So Humble @ AlterNet, a special edition of Not So Humble that updates every monday along with the main blog here – just over at AlterNet to supplement their exceptional political coverage.

If you love Not So Humble and love the political commentary and stories that I link here, head over to Not So Humble @ Alternet – a kind of Not So Humble extra edition, and let me know what you think there!

[ Not So Humble @ AlterNet ]
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January 20, 2009

Unexpected Wisdom from Some-Ecards

after 8 years
November 8, 2008

Yes, We Can: Electoral Musings and Thoughts for Tomorrow

we hold these truths to be self evident

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In a way, I wanted to let the results from Tuesday night sink in before I put fingers to keys, as it were, to describe exactly how I feel and my outlook for the future. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been elated, angry, hopeful, distressed and worried, but above all, optimistic. I’ve seen reactions across the spectrum, from the spontaneous elation that came on election night to the cautious optimism that followed to the anger and angst of disgruntled conservatives who have even threatened – as we did in 2004 – to leave the country for parts unknown (don’t let the door hit you, and good luck finding someone as conservative as American conservatives are).

As millions sat in front of their TVs waiting for results Tuesday night, my girlfriend and I sat in front of our computers, listening to NPR pumped through our home theatre system and wearing out our F5 keys refreshing election results. (personally, I was watching MSNBC’s election map, Yahoo!’s Election Dashboard, the BBC’s election map – who called states before their American counterparts, which was amusing, and the real-time map from the fine folks at DailyKOS) When it became all but clear that John McCain could never recover from the loss of Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, when Iowa and Ohio went blue, when states like Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, were at first competitive and then all turned blue on the big map (some sooner than others) and John McCain called Barack Obama to concede the race and subsequently make perhaps the classiest concession speech I’ve heard from a Presidential candidiate, and when it was finally over and every major network called the race for Obama, the entire world changed. When Obama got on stage and delivered the finest victory speech I’ve ever heard, we all knew the world had changed.

I could almost hear the sigh of relief from around the world, the cheers of millions of Americans. I could almost hear the music myself as people flooded the streets in cities across the country, cheering, chanting, playing music – street parties erupted from Washington DC to Chicago to Los Angeles to Seattle. Here in Washington DC, poor George Bush couldn’t possibly have felt very good looking out the window of the White House to the growing mass of people at the gates dancing, playing drums, and holding each other and crying with joy outside of his doorstep.

The world changed, and everyone knew it. While Americans partied, world leaders rushed to call the new President-Elect to congratulate him and warmly open the doors of diplomacy to him; even long-time American rivals like the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez offered to re-establish full diplomatic ties with the US and send an ambassador.

Back at home, my girlfriend and I held each other, tears welling up in our eyes, hopeful that our long nightmare of fear was over and that our hope for a better tomorrow had finally been rewarded. But where do we go from here? We’re ecstatic now, basking in the historic nature of not just a transformational and transcendent moment in American politics but also in American history, but the honeymoon will only last until the inauguration, at the longest.

The next day, my girlfriend was lucky enough to get one of the last newspapers on the stands in Washington DC, and the news was flooded with stories of people looking to find tangible reminders of the election of America’s first Black President to save for posterity. Civil rights leaders from decades gone by reminded us what a long, hard-fought battle it’s been to get here, the cost of lives, liberty, and livelihoods that brought us here, but made it all worthwhile. Political analysts of all stripes reported of an energized progressive America looking proudly to the future, and a disaffected conservative minority wondering where it all went wrong.

Over the next several days, the fog started to clear, and a few patterns started to make themselves apparent: a lot just happened, and a lot more is about to happen. Let’s take a look.


November 4, 2008

Yes. We. Did.

obama - biden wins

We took our country back, America. A new day is dawning. We can all exhale now.

History in the making. Remember where you were today, my friends. We did it.

November 3, 2008

One Last Time

obama - change we can believe in

Thanks to the brilliant Wil Wheaton, I thought I should do my part and get a last word in before going dark to participate in the thrilling drama that is our democracy.

Get out the vote, everyone. I want to hope again – I want to believe again – I want my beloved country back.

November 1, 2008

I Rock With Obama

A little music to lead you to the polls on November 4th and something to liven up your pre-Election Day weekend:

Absolutely fabulous. It’s a nice long mix, and definitely hip-hop heavy, but definitely a solid groove. I usually save music reviews for other blogs, but I had to share this one here. Among some of the winning lines:

Lemme hear you cheer if you loved the last eight years! -crickets- Thought so.
He has the audacity to hope, we just need the capacity to vote.

Hear, hear. Let’s make this thing happen, folks.

October 19, 2008

A Message to Sarah Palin

…from women everywhere.

Absolutely stunning, and incredibly inspiring. If you haven’t had a good, hard look at Sarah Palin’s record, you should – it’ll only steel your resolve to vote against her this election season.